Title Plant Services

Title Document Resources for Real Estate Transactions

If we build you a title plant, here’s what we do:

Research and Planning:

We evaluate the number of recorded documents, and how they are stored by the repository (typically the county). We determine how best to obtain images of the documents.

Gather Data:

We collect the images and place them on our servers.

Organize and Index Data:

We index the documents. Basically, we manually look at each document and extract information from it to aid in locating it in the future.

Title Plant Software:

Unless you have already selected title plant software, we’ll give our thoughts on a good software fit for you. Title plant software expedites your title plant searches.

Maintenance and Updates:

Once things are up and running, your plant will have to be updated frequently to add recent recorded documents. We are experts in this and have systems to do so inexpensively.

Quality Control:

We can assist you in periodically auditing your plant to ensure accuracy. Sometimes this is required by underwriters.