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About TitlePlantServices.com:

Born and raised in the Pacific Northwest, TPS is a group of folks with years of experience building, posting, buying, and selling title plants. Our group is entrepreneurial, family-friendly, pet-friendly, and pretty easy going. Most of us hang out in Bellevue, Washington, but we have roots as well in Northern Idaho, South-Central Alaska, and Oregon. If we do an eyeball with you in one of our haunts, feel free to arm-twist us into serving up a nice local craft beer.

Picture of Stephen at his lodge

Stephen Routh is our founder. His primary talent is finding folks smarter than him to make him look good.

Stephen's background is in law and title insurance. He's a graduate of the University of Hawaii undergraduate program, and the University of the Pacific law program.

Stephen co-founded NexTitle, a regional title agency located in the Pacific Northwest and Hawaii.

Stephen divides his time between Anchorage, Alaska, Bellevue, Washington, and Caddo, Oklahoma. For hobbies he enjoys competitive swimming and paddling as well as piloting his airplanes and helicopters. Some would say he's a fair sous vide chef, and he's known to occasionally enjoy nice red wines and craft beers. Stephen is a big believer in creating family-friendly and pet-friendly workspaces.

Stephen's overriding passion is assisting our wounded Soldiers and Marines as they recover from service-related injuries, and frequently hosts events at his Alaska lodge and Oklahoma ranch to support his disabled service member guests.

Picture of David Fennell

David Fennell is our co-founder, legal counsel and chief problem solver. Despairing of ever looking good himself, David labors tirelessly to make Stephen Routh look good!

David has nearly four decades’ experience in real estate, title insurance and finance law, both in private practice as a partner in two large, regional law firms and as general counsel with NexTitle, which he co-founded with Stephen.

Living high on a hill in Newcastle, Washington that offers stunning westward views of Seattle against an Olympic Mountain Range backdrop, David and his wife, Cathy, have been known, on occasion, to take in a feral cat (or three), not to mention a displaced school of koi and a stray nephew.

Most summer evenings after feeding the koi, David can be found squinting toward Seattle, waiting for the perfect sunset to capture on his iPhone. That nightly ritual of heliolatry—and the cats—help explain why David has more than 65,000 photos on his phone and why a diagnosis of cataracts is likely in his future.

An avid follower of Seattle’s baseball and football teams, the Mariners and the Seahawks, David also enjoys hiking, biking, fishing, traveling and watching film noir.

David received his undergraduate degree from Lewis & Clark College in Portland, Oregon and his law degree from the Marshall-Wythe School of Law of the College of William & Mary in Williamsburg, Virginia.

Some observers have suggested that much of the useful knowledge David absorbed during his formal education has since been displaced by terabytes of useless information. Speaking of trivia, did you know that the Seattle Mariners are the only MLB team never to have made it to the World Series?

Picture of Kiley Rodarte

When Kiley Rodarte isn't managing the title plants, she enjoys tending to her collection of house and garden plants.

She also loves spending time outdoors with her family where you can find her identifying birds in the area.

Picture of Adrian Marinca

Adrian Marinca manages our data input folks.

Adrian is proud to be a devoted husband and father to a beautiful daughter. His family includes two adorable Yorkshire Terriers.

Adrian is an avid nature enthusiast with a deep passion for the outdoors. Whether it's hiking, camping, or simply observing nature, he finds great joy and fulfillment in being outdoors.

Picture of Theresa Kolesinski

Theresa Kolesinski directs our support services.

She is known for her attention to detail and her ability to provide outstanding customer service

Outside of work, Theresa enjoys spending time with her husband as well as fostering dogs so that they can find their forever homes. She is passionate about animal welfare and has been an active volunteer with local animal shelters for many years.

Picture of Andrew Vonderau

Andrew Vonderau directs our IT operations. Our business is technology-driven, and Andrew sits at the intersection between large databases, developers, and end-users. He keeps the wheels on the bus.

In his personal life, Andrew is a dedicated family man who enjoys spending time with his wife and son. He is also passionate about staying current with tech developments.

Picture of Courtney Kim

Courtney Kim manages our relationships with our customers. She's a natural problem-solver who knows our industry and its pieces.

When not working, Courtney enjoys spending time paddle-boarding, golfing, and hanging out with her two beloved golden doodles at the dog park.

Picture of

Bill Peterson is the genius behind our website. He has been a tech professional for over fifty years and holds many advanced designations.

If you'd like to engage in some stimulating conversation about hypertext preprocessing, cascading style sheets, or JavaScript, just reach out to Bill.

Bill likes to bike. He's ridden his bicycle over 32,000 miles.